Walk-Up Songs, and the Gold Cup


Not edited. Also, this post is cut-and-pasted together from other drafts that didn’t make it. Sorry for the lack of flow.

I’ve been thinking about baseball a lot lately.

I’m not sure how it came about, but it all-of-the-sudden hit me as this quintessential summer activity. As though somehow this great admiration for the sport was laying dormant inside me for all of these years, and is finally coming out. But I’m starting to realize just how much i’d miss the game if it were suddenly gone.

I think it’s less to do with the void of football and soccer as well. It’s as if somebody designed the perfect sport for this time of year. Seeing games live is so integral with the overall experience, that it couldn’t be in any other time of year than the spring and summer. The games are so long and cheap that unlike most sports, you actually have money to spend on food after you buy tickets.

I’m not sure what cosmic force is making me think about baseball so much, or why I’m still talking about it. I just seem to get a different feeling from putting on a Reds jersey than I do from any other sports thing in my closet.

Also I came accross a post on Better Off Red about the walk-up music for the Reds. After a short discussion about it with Kristine, and a quick trip through my music, this is what I’d submit as my first (of many) selections for walk-up music. Walk up music just fascinates the hell out of me.

Wizard Fight by Weedeater (Start at :09)
Rays on Pinion by Baroness (Start at 3:46)
Focus Pocus by Big Business (Start at :29)

Walk-up music is always something that I judge players on, and I have yet to see a player walk-up to anything heavier than Guns ‘N’ Roses (Gomes), so If I were to suddenly become a pro ball player, I’d like to think I wouldn’t ditch my metal roots.

I realize I said something about baseball picking up now that football and soccer are dying down, but as one door opens, another closes. I’ve been getting into soccer pretty heavily this year, and finding out the sport and the teams. But one facet I have yet to experience is any national pride in my country’s international footballing.

As we get closer and closer to the USA vs. Canada game in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, I’m starting to realize just how big of a deal national teams are. (And I’m getting super pumped for the World Cup)

I’ve never really considered myself that patriotic. Certainly not to the point of saying my teams are better than your teams because of where they hail from. And when you’re talking about soccer, there’s even less room for boasting when you’re wearing America’s crest. But I saw those shiny dark blue and red jerseys at Dick’s today, and I guess something clicked. Either way, I’m really starting to get hooked on soccer, and it’s really helping to broaden my world view.

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